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We are open and ready to serve you!


Please call us for specialty baked goods,
catering, and box lunches.

Please help us continue to feed frontline health care workers.

We rely on your generous contributions to continue this initiative and are proud to say were are averaging over 400 meals a week. By supporting us you directly support those who are doing the most for our community.  Please leave a message for a healthcare worker and include it with meals sent.

If you would like to donate directly to support our staff, you may do so here as well. Please leave the word "STAFF" in the memo.

We can't wait to see you again!

support us via Venmo @succotashkcmo

We will gladly accept any donations of groceries or to go containers as it will help provide even more meals. If you have a case of something weird I'm your girl! LOL

Email me!   <3 Beth


I started with a plug in home stove and $4.00 to my name, what seems like a lifetime ago, and I am not unique in saying that I love my restaurant and staff more than words can express.  In absence of a traditional family, I have found something slightly different- a community.  I am eternally grateful for their kindness, generosity and support.  They have been giving their all without complaint and have remained eternally positive while they face uncertain futures. Friends and customers alike have come through in ways unimaginable.  My good fortune is not lost on me.

After much thought, a few tears, endless combinations of possibilities, hours of discussion, weighing risk and finally finding peace…

succotash has decided shift to carryout only. 

We are making a shift to a pay it forward only kitchen whose primary focus will be on providing meals, coffees and juices to front line workers at our local hospitals. 

We will also be supporting our staff with meals throughout the duration of this interruption.  We will be relying solely on the support of our community through pay it forward, gift certificates purchased, and donations of grocery items. Our remaining staff is very excited to be able to make a difference.

If you can find it in either your heart or your pocketbook to help donate to our support succotash  fund we would be greatly appreciative.

Additionally, any tips left on gift certificates or the pay it forward option will go directly to staff.

It has been my pleasure to grow with all of you over the past 19 years. I can’t wait to hug you all when the clouds part.  #toosmalltofail


Beth Barden


If you are food insecure, please reach out to us. We will do our best to help.

Welcome to our new quickly slapped together, doing our best, going to get cuter (at some point) website!  The world around us is upside down and we are doing the best to adapt. We look forward to a day when our dining room is full of all your beautiful faces.  Check out our news page for updates or contact us to keep in touch.

Support us on Venmo @succotashkcmo